Special statute

an act of the legislature which has reference to a particular person, place, or interest; a private law; - in distinction from a general law or public law.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LHC erred in not appreciating the specific provision of ouster of jurisdiction enacted in the Special Statute wherein specifically it is promulgated that all offences of NAO 1999 shall be non-bailable.
Vatican officials have periodically called for an "internationally guaranteed special statute" for occupied Jerusalem.
The Boland court noted Section 537.100, the statute of limitations for wrongful death, contained a "special statute of limitation" that "must carry its own exceptions and [the court] may not engraft others upon it." (158) Section 537.100 creates a specific time limitation for two reasons, (159) neither of which allows exceptions for fraudulent concealment.
Speaking Monday after a meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, she made clear that Bulgaria had sought a special statute, opposing the quota of 788 proposed in May.
The sisters said: " It's wrong to say that the rule applied even to marriages solemnised under the Special marriages Act which is a special statute specifically enacted by legislature to register a special form of marriage where neither of the parties to the marriage is required to renounce their religion." Sources in the Parsi Anjuman said: " A board of trust cannot act contrary to what the general body has passed.
The cultural basis, mainly linguistic, but also the political climate after 1945 lead to granting special statute to the regions of Sicily, Sardinia, Trentino Alto- Adige, Friuli-Venice-Giulia and D'Aosta Valley.
Unless authorized by special statute as an emergency proceeding, it's slow.
During a press conference at the Presidential Office, Ma urged legislators of all political stripes to support the statute for the tax, dubbed special statute for commodity and service, which called for a special tax on housing speculation and luxury goods.
From a radical perspective, it might be even said that it did not officially exist, because it was regulated neither by the Constitution nor by any special statute. Its structure and its functioning were outlined to some extent by disparate provisions from various statutes and especially by customs inspired from the Western models.
6501(m)) was to supplement the special statute of limitation set forth in Sec.
The other scenario would be that the ratification is completed in the other 26 member states and that the Lisbon Treaty is applied with a special statute for Ireland (partial withdrawal from EU policies).
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