Special Forces

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special forces

1. A military or paramilitary unit trained to carry out special operations.
2. Special Forces A branch of the US Army composed of soldiers trained in special operations.

special forces

pl n
(Military) elite, highly trained military forces, specially selected to work on difficult missions

Spe′cial Forc′es

U.S. Army personnel trained to instruct non-U.S. forces in guerrilla warfare.

special forces

US Army forces organized, trained, and equipped to conduct special operations with an emphasis on unconventional warfare capabilities. Also called SF.
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Noun1.Special Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fightingSpecial Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting
division - an army unit large enough to sustain combat; "two infantry divisions were held in reserve"
U. S. Army, United States Army, US Army, USA, Army - the army of the United States of America; the agency that organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare
Green Beret - a soldier who is a member of the United States Army Special Forces
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Pink Sheets: AUSI) announced today that Naval Special Warfare has requested ownership of the SEALION II high performance technology craft powered by the 16,000 Watt AuraGen VIPER system, after successfully completing extended testing and evaluation by both Naval Sea System Command Warfare Center Carderock ("NSWC CCD") and Naval Special Warfare Group Four ("NSWG4").
According to the daily, the author of the letter defined himself as a serving military officer at the Special Warfare Department.
7 and seven Naval Special Warfare (NSW) personnel faced administrative proceedings.
Special Operations Command, on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations and the chief of staff at Naval Special Warfare Group 1.
These Navy SEALs, explosive ordnance disposal personnel (EOD), aircrew survival equipmentman (PR) and special warfare combatant-Craftt crewmen (SWCC) have the sole mission of promoting the U.
The final day concluded with a key note guest speaker and ceremony commemorating both the 10-year anniversary of NAVSCIATTS' establishment ceremony on Stennis Space Center under United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and recent operational command shift under Naval Special Warfare Group 4.
It is a great honor to be appointed to the board of directors for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation," Noell said.
In recent years, H-46Ds from HC-8 flew naval special warfare missions to New York City following the attacks of 11 September 2001.
Robert Womer, former chief of maritime programs at the Naval Special Warfare Command.
He transferred to the Naval Special Warfare Command in 1999 where he served as the Chief of Staff.
Building upon the success of LOGSU-1 & 2, Naval Special Warfare Group THREE Logistics and Support Unit (NSWG-3 LOGSUPPU or LOGSU-3) was commissioned in 2011 in Hawaii as NSW's undersea mobility logistics and maintenance support activity.

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