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Noun1.specialty store - a store that sells only one kind of merchandise
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
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Dacapo magazine produced this list: vitamins and other dietary supplements (only 5%); designer brand goods (10-20); a martini at a bar (18); a "sour" mixed drink at an izakaya (23); french fries at a fast food outlet (20); jewelry (25); home delivery pizza (29); miso ramen noodles (29); curry from a specialty shop (30-35); food items at an Italian restaurant (30); coffee at a chain (35); food items at an izakaya (35); roasted sweet potato from a street vendor (38); cosmetics (40); hot box lunch (47); kaiten (rotating) sushi (40-50); mail order goods (50); wine at an Italian restaurant (50); gyudon beef over rice (50); fast-food hamburgers (60) and items at [yen] 100 shops (60-70).
Unlike other books on retailing, Specialty Shop Retailing is aimed at the reader who has a dream of opening a store, but little background in this type of business.
Monroe Center's 125,000 s/f of retail space will provide much needed services to this section of town whose residents might otherwise be forced to walk over 12 blocks to access a coffeehouse, a restaurant or a specialty shop.
In 2004, Zagat Survey New York City voted E&B the Number One Ice Cream Specialty Shop in New York.
This means jampacked days for retailers like Pajama Party, a specialty shop in Sherman Oaks Fashion Square.
Miller's and the specialty shop relocated to the Valencia Town Center regional mall, built about 10 years after Granary Square.
I think they asked me to do the grand finale because I have a very unique specialty shop,'' she said.
Of the 770 participants, 31 percent preferred Scenario Three - which adds a large-format theater, an additional restaurant, cafe and specialty shop and totaled 112,400 square feet.
2, which also includes 98,900 square feet of space and does not include the cafe or specialty shop of No.
infinitee, a full-service, strategic marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, executed multiple cost-effective fall and holiday digital media campaigns for its shopping center clients, The Avenue Murfreesboro and Specialty Shops SouthPark.
Kintetsu will be controlling around 60 percent of the floors, leaving 40 percent to specialty shops, a high share for a Japanese department store.
JEDDAH: The Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry has accused the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) of fabricating a list of Saudi women seeking employment in women's specialty shops.

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