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(Nat. Hist.) the name which, appended to the name of the genus, constitutes the distinctive name of the species; - originally applied by Linnæus to the essential character of the species, or the essential difference. The present specific name he at first called the trivial name.
- Wharton.

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The specific name reticulatus would not apply to this; it should be guttatus rather.
It generic name derives from the the Greek word trigonon (triangle) and gnathus (jaw), while its specific name pays homage to Hiromichi Kabeya, the captain of the Seiryo-Maru, the vessel which captured the first specimen.
several brand names have been used to convey the general style, type, character and quality of the product desired, but this does not limit a contractor to that specific name brand.
In case conferees fail to reach agreement over a specific name, then the Minister of Defense will sure take the required steps," Wehbe told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.
Three to seven color photographs accompany a short description that includes family and specific name, annual or perennial, typical habitat, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, bloom time, and primary traditional native uses, if known.
Each bag has a specific form, specific function and a specific name in Arabic," Chantal says.
The specific name loadsi refers to Bill Loads, Atlas Copco's manager in Victoria who made the decision to support the project.
Organisers say the event is aimed at helping families with children suffering from conditions sometimes so rare they do not even have a specific name.
It is native to the Oregon Cascades, hence its specific name, F.
It is composed of 4 volumes (I to IV) each in a custom made box, foil stamped with the specific name of the volume and name of the book.
They have the limitation of not giving detailed information regarding either the sophistication or the specific name of the equipment delivered.
He said that the issue of naming parentage of abandoned children is a sensitive religious matter and in order to sort out this issue, NADRA also sought fatwa from Shia and Sunni scholars in Iran and Saudi Arabia respectively alongwith referring the case to the Islamic Ideology Council (IIC), which opined, No specific name could be given.

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