Spectacled eider

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(Zool.) See Eider.

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In 2007, the Council took final action to close large areas in the Bering Sea to bottom trawling, and the closures overlap with Steller's and spectacled eider critical habitat (NPFMC, 2007; Fig.
Along with brant, I looked forward to seeing and photographing other specialties of the Delta, such as the emperor goose and spectacled eider.
Four species of ice sea - ringed, bearded, harp and ribbon Four species of whale - grey, beluga, bowhead and narwhal Sea butterfly Three species of seabirds - Kittlitz's murrelet, spectacled eider and ivory gull Caribou/reindeer Musk ox (ANI)
Lead poisoning is known to affect a related species, the spectacled eider, as well as other waterfowl.
To date, researchers have not found a direct link between such artificially inflated fox populations and the decline of threatened birds that range in the Prudhoe Bay area, such as the spectacled eider.
The threatened steller sea lion and spectacled eider, the endangered peregrine falcon, and a unique species of black bear called the glacier or blue bear roam through the wilds of this national park.
The distribution range of two other species of eider duck, the king eider (Somateria spectabilis) and the spectacled eider (S.
The threatened species are the Zayante band-winged grasshopper in Northern California and two Alaskan birds, the spectacled eider and the Steller's eider.
Each little dot in the photo below is a spectacled eider.
They discovered that Steller's Eider and Spectacled Eider ducks, both listed as threatened under the U.
lambs, rats, crickets and snails of God Christian and secular activists have filed a joint lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service in defense of seven endangered species: the Alameda whipsnake, the Zayante band-winged grasshopper, the Morro shoulderband snail, the San Bernardino kangaroo rat, the spectacled eider and the Steller's eider, and the arroyo toad.