lip reading

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lip reading

A technique for understanding unheard speech by interpreting the lip and facial movements of the speaker.

lip reader n.

lip read·ing

n. lectura labial, interpretación del movimiento de los labios.

lip reading

n lectura de los labios
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The 74-year-old Chief executive mostly stuck to his prepared speech reading from a teleprompter but in some instances, opted to ad lib as usual.
Achievement tests on reading (Urdu and English ), writing (Urdu and English), mathematics, speech and speech reading (Urdu and English) were prepared on the basis of syllabus of K.G.II, and following the pattern of sample question papers of four schools for hearing impaired children (one school from each zone).
They should determine how hearing-impaired patients learn best and develop appropriate strategies that address (a) attention of the patient, (b) environment, (c) speech quality, (d) speech reading, (e) technology, (f) written communication, (g) use of American Sign Language interpreters, and (h) confirmation of understanding.
Having lived a lifetime functioning with speech reading, oral communication (instead of American Sign Language), and hearing aids, the author recounts her fear of losing the last of her hearing to "cosmic deafness" and her decision to have the surgery.
Having grown up in an oral deaf school since the age of three, learning to communicate only in spoken English, McDonald eventually excelled at speech reading and was continually proving herself in the hearing world.

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