speed bump

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speed bump

An artificial ridge set crosswise into the surface of a street, parking lot, or driveway to make the operators of vehicles drive at a slow speed. Also called speed hump.

speed′ bump`

a rounded ridge built crosswise into the pavement of a road to force vehicles to slow down.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.speed bump - a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadwayspeed bump - a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway
hinderance, hindrance, preventative, preventive, encumbrance, incumbrance, interference, hitch - any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
حَدَبَة السُّرْعَه
hız engeli


(spiːd) noun
1. rate of moving. a slow speed; The car was travelling at high speed.
2. quickness of moving.
1. (past tense, past participles sped (sped) ˈspeeded) to (cause to) move or progress quickly; to hurry. The car sped/speeded along the motorway.
2. (past tense, past participle ˈspeeded) to drive very fast in a car etc, faster than is allowed by law. The policeman said that I had been speeding.
ˈspeeding noun
driving at (an illegally) high speed. He was fined for speeding.
ˈspeedy adjective
done, carried out etc quickly. a speedy answer.
ˈspeedily adverb
ˈspeediness noun
ˈspeed bump noun
a raised part across the road to make drivers slow down.
ˈspeed trap noun
a device used by the police to catch drivers exceeding the speed limit.
speedometer (spiːˈdomitə) noun
an instrument on a car etc showing how fast one is travelling.
speed uppast tense, past participle ˈspeeded
1. to increase speed. The car speeded up as it left the town.
2. to quicken the rate of. We are trying to speed up production.
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Mixed reaction to speed bump installation plans As part of a traffic-calming scheme, speed bumps are to be installed on Whinhall Road and Burnfoot Road in Airdrie.
There have been calls for the erection of speed bumps along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, especially along the Salgaa stretch.
However, people should be careful what they wish for, as some areas in Selly Oak have roads festooned with a ridiculous number of speed bumps which are spaced so close together that driving, even at 20mph, is uncomfortable.
COVENTRY'S roads boss would like to scrap speed bumps across the city in a bid to reduce pollution and damage to cars.
SPEED bumps could become a thing of the past if a controversial government plan gets the green light.
SPEED bumps could could be removed from Britain's roads if a government plan gets the green light.
A ROAD safety charity says it would be a 'cynical' move to remove speed bumps in a bid to improve air pollution.
Tenders are invited for project consists of installing speed bumps on various streets.
Bahrain: Speed bumps will be installed on two Muharraq roads notorious for accidents.
He said this can be solved by introducing a number of speed-reducing measures, including speed bumps.
Residents have been petitioning council chiefs for months to scrap PS40,000 speed bumps in the town.
The yellow stripes on speed bumps in various parts of the city have faded away leading to sudA[degrees] den breaking and other related inconveniences.