Speed counter

1.(Mach.) A device for automatically counting the revolutions or pulsations of an engine or other machine; - called also simply counter.
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Applications for these nitride (AlGaN/GaN) double barrier heterostructure based tunnel diodes included local oscillators for UHF television tuners, trigger circuits in oscilloscopes, high speed counter circuits, and very fast rise time pulse generator circuits [1, 3].
The EXF-RC15 supports up to 3 high speed counter (HSC) or shaft encoder input channels, at up to 200KHz, also 4 pulse width modulators (PWM) outputs or up to 3 pulse train outputs (PTO), at 200KHz max, that can be used for accurate stepper motor control.
The speed counter on the instrument console flit in the mid-140s at around 7,000rpm.
The Easiweigh Twin Lane high speed Counter has been specially designed to require minimum maintenance, with quick release parts for easy cleaning, constructed of high quality products to prevent deterioration and fully supported by experienced sales and service team to minimise any unlikely down time.
Villarreal, conquerors of Everton, Manchester United and Rangers this season, showed again they are a match for the best in Europe as they frustrated the Italians with high speed counter attacking.
A council spokesman said"The council is committed to road safety, and has arranged to install a vehicle speed counter on this section of road at Penygroes in order to ascertain the exact speeds of traffic.
Features include dual, slow speed counter rotating shafts with cutter disks, inlet and jam-proof operation.
Limited tenders are invited for 32 ch-dc input module for,16 analog input module, +/- 20 ma,16 ch-fast response dc sinking,power supply, rack mount,,32 ch-dc output module for,high speed counter encoder for,
The high speed counter can fill into any type of container, providing complete fexibility and maximising its usage within any production operation.
The VersaMax Micro 64 High Speed Counter supports four independent 100 kHz type A counters, or one type B counter for precise motion positioning.
Over 180 instructions include 32 bit integer and floating point math, ASCII string, window compare, PID, Auto-Tuning, motion control, high speed counter, communication instruction sets and 1 ms timers.
And the High Speed Counter modules provide direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 15 MHz for industrial control applications.