Speed counter

1.(Mach.) A device for automatically counting the revolutions or pulsations of an engine or other machine; - called also simply counter.
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The speed counter on the instrument console flit in the mid-140s at around 7,000rpm.
The Easiweigh Twin Lane high speed Counter has been specially designed to require minimum maintenance, with quick release parts for easy cleaning, constructed of high quality products to prevent deterioration and fully supported by experienced sales and service team to minimise any unlikely down time.
Villarreal, conquerors of Everton, Manchester United and Rangers this season, showed again they are a match for the best in Europe as they frustrated the Italians with high speed counter attacking.
A council spokesman said"The council is committed to road safety, and has arranged to install a vehicle speed counter on this section of road at Penygroes in order to ascertain the exact speeds of traffic.
Features include dual, slow speed counter rotating shafts with cutter disks, inlet and jam-proof operation.
The high speed counter can fill into any type of container, providing complete fexibility and maximising its usage within any production operation.
Discrete modules are available for input, output, mixed input/output, high speed counter and PMW output, as well as for relay output.
And the High Speed Counter modules provide direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 15 MHz for industrial control applications.
The market is divided into 3 lots defined as follows: Lot 1: Volumetric meters, gauges 15 and 20 mmLot 2: Volumetric meters, calibres from 25 to 40 mmLot 3: Speed Counters, sizes 15 to 500 mmWarning: Only top 4 candidates will be selected and will send the tender documents for tender.
From basic digital I/O, to high speed counters, to relay based I/O, AIS can meet your distributed I/O data acquisition needs.
Prior to MOSAID, he held various positions including the head of design at Microsystems International -- where he worked on a trend-setting 4K DRAM -- and at Plessey, where he led a pioneering circuit design group with many creative successes in linear ICs, high speed counters, and early MOS devices.