Speed gauge

(Mach.) devices for indicating or recording the rate of a body's motion, as the number of revolutions of a shaft in a given time.

See also: Speed

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The negative feedback we get from the speed gauge, the steering wheel, our direction, the road signs, and other vehicles allows us to make tiny adjustments on a continuing basis.
The new LaserSpeed[R] Pro non-contact length and speed gauge measures moving surfaces with +/-0.03% accuracy.
The company's LaserSpeed Pro non-contact length and speed gauge reportedly offers the highest accuracy in the industry (better than [+ or -] 0.03%) and the widest measurement depth of field for the full velocity range.
The new LaserSpeed" Pro non-contact length and speed gauge measures moving surfaces with +/-0.03% accuracy.
It's adept at cruising at 100 km/h, but try to push it beyond that and you'll be greeted by the sound of rattles and a straining engine which increases exponentially with every number passed on the speed gauge.
A Mileage recorder B Fuel gauge C Speed gauge D Rev counter QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: What does a fletcher make?
Salendine Nook weatherman Paul Stevens officiall f y opened the weather garden at Emley First School, which boasts a thermometer,r barometer,r rain gauge and wind speed gauge.
* Lithuanian roads do not use modern and effective ITSs, such as variable speed signs or average speed gauge;
But with only two hours on the clock and 15mph on the speed gauge, what can he realistically achieve?
To the Editor: In response to the letter in the December 2000 issue, titled "Speed Gauge," there are a few opinions as to how the "standard" gauge of railways originated.
The event outside the bus station allowed people to test their footballing skills in a football speed gauge, which records the fastest goal, and via a target football cage, which measures the accuracy of shots.