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I then commenced and continued copying the Italics in Webster's Spelling Book, until I could make them all without looking on the book.
The words-of-three- letters lesson in the old blue spelling book begins with Piggy's biography.
Elnathan, then about fifteen, was, much like a wild colt, caught and trimmed by clipping his bushy locks; dressed in a suit of homespun, dyed in the butternut bark; furnished with a “New Testament” and a “Webster’s Spelling Book,” and sent to school.
A habit in him of speaking to the poor and of avoiding patronage or condescension or childishness (which is the favourite device, many people deeming it quite a subtlety to talk to them like little spelling books) has put him on good terms with the woman easily.
He was from Congo, enslaved on a plantation in South Carolina, Lanier said, and her mother was especially proud he taught other enslaved people to read with a blue-backed spelling book. He would also read aloud from the Bible.
The Child's Spelling Book or Michigan Instructor, a 12-page booklet, was issued as the first book published in Michigan.
Here, too, one recognized the spelling book, where a child gives three-dimensional form to a letter A that seems bigger than he is.
A Scotch spell; a Scots spelling book; English-Scots/Scots-English; Scots vocabulary used in Fons Scotiae books.
Through his American Spelling Book (the "Blue-Backed Speller"), which taught five generations of American schoolchildren how to read, he was the proper father of civics, who confidently declared that his reader, devoid of religious writings but enriched by the tracts of Tom Paine and the abolitionists, would replace the Bible as the book from which young Americans would read aloud.
When I was at Sir William Turner's School at Coatham, our spelling book included the word 'Middlesbrough' and we had a test every week.
Southall was offered assistance with report writing, encouraged to use coloured papers or pens and to create a spelling book, which he did not do, the hearing was told.
Other big-sellers include the American Spelling Book by Noah Webster, published in 1783, and The Guinness Book of Records.