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Spen·ce·ri·an 1

Of or relating to Herbert Spencer or his philosophy.
A follower of Herbert Spencer.

Spen·ce·ri·an 2

Of or relating to an ornate style of writing employing rounded letters slanted to the right.

[After Platt Rogers Spencer (1800-1864), American handwriting expert.]


(spɛnˈsɪər i ən)

1. of Herbert Spencer or his philosophy.
2. a follower of Herbert Spencer.
References in classic literature ?
The Spencerian stanza, with its rich variety of movement and its harmonious closes, long shut "Childe Harold" from me, and whenever I found a poem in any book which did not rhyme its second line with its first I read it unwillingly or not at all.
He was a Spencerian like you till Kreis turned him to materialistic monism.
But Norton was no Spencerian, and he, too, strove for Martin's philosophic soul, talking as much at him as to his two opponents.
It was rumored that Miss Maxwell "wrote," which word, when uttered in a certain tone, was understood to mean not that a person had command of penmanship, Spencerian or otherwise, but that she had appeared in print.
As a philosopher, however, Nietzsche does not stand or fall by his objections to the Darwinian or Spencerian cosmogony.
I am good enough Herbert Spencerian, I trust, to meet little thing like death, which is all in my fate, you know.
The misuse of such terms plays into the Spencerian rhetoric characterizing economic victims as inefficient "losers" in a fair competitive arena--rhetoric which ultimately justifies all manner of rapacious, exploitative, and exclusionary competitive acts as amoral efficiency-enhancing procompetitive conduct.
Socialist and non-socialist politics were equally girded by their engagement with Malthusian arguments and Spencerian utopianism.
The topics include the hostile appropriation of Spencer in imperial Russia, Spencer and science education in China, the ideology of the survival of the fittest during the Porfiriato in Mexico, the rise and fall of Spenser's evolutionary ideas in Argentina 1870-1910, Spencer in liberal Italy and beyond, and a Spencerian moment in French cultural history 1870-90.
Anchored in the fundamentals of the Coca-Cola brand - the Spencerian script, the red disc and the iconic glass bottle - the creative campaign brings a new visual and auditory experience for the consumers, still featuring authentic and real moments, a continuation of the long legacy of Coca-Cola.
The Spencerian social challenge, as Wilson sees it, is to discover similarly naturalistic methods for regulating large-scale organisms (that is, human groups of groups of groups of groups .
The former effect, the Spencerian shortcut to semantic complexity, makes Dickens's hypallage overlap with the kind of enthymeme in which some of the terms are omitted out of respect for the reader's ability to follow the logic unaided: thus, "We were weak, therefore worthless," in the Aeolus episode Ulysses (179), elides the ironic middle proposition, "to be weak is to be (considered) worthless" (see Toker, "Narrative Enthymeme" 165-66).