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 (spĕng′lər, -glər, shpĕng′-), Oswald 1880-1936.
German philosopher who argued that civilizations and cultures are subject to the same cycle of growth and decay as humans. His major work is The Decline of the West (1918-1922).


(ˈspɛŋlə; German ˈʃpɛŋlər)
(Biography) Oswald (ˈɔsvalt). 1880–1936, German philosopher of history, noted for The Decline of the West (1918–22), which argues that civilizations go through natural cycles of growth and decay


(ˈspɛŋ glər, ˈʃpɛŋ-)

Oswald, 1880–1936, German philosopher.
Speng•le′ri•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Spengler - German philosopher who argued that cultures grow and decay in cycles (1880-1936)
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To further explore this question, Spengler and her colleagues tested the fitness performance of more than 5,000 first graders between the years of 2006 and 2015.