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v. t.1.To shut in; to support; to inclose; to fasten.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Illustrative, SPER is a scientific, educational and professional non-profit organization committed to promote the highest professional and ethical standards of pharmacy and to work for the growth, development and betterment in the field of pharmacy.
Differences (p < 0.05) were reported among hybrids in the case of SPER (Table 1), with special reference to DAS 2C520, DAS 2B710, DAS 2B587, BF 9304, AG 9010, AG 8088, AGN 30A06, AGN 31A31 and P 30F80, varying between 45.89 and 53.16% of spike.
The Scottish striker has flown out from the UK to discuss a potential move to the ambitious Turkish outfit, who finished seventh in the Sper Lig last season.
(SPER), under which applications are subjected to mandatory assessment
Janet Nica: Florentine, nu te mai retin, sper sa mai vorbim in viitorul cat mai proxim!
it was highly likely that the SPER initiative would likewise lead to
Survivors include her husband; three daughters, Carol Lizotte of Oceanside, Calif., Lisa Burke of Las Vegas and Diana Snyder of Vancouver, Wash.; two stepdaughters, Louise Moore-Eason of San Francisco and Mary Sper of Ada, Mich.; a sister, Ollie Jo Norcia of San Marcos; a brother, Everett Astleford of Sacramento; and 10 grandchildren.
Brenda Dunham is the billing manager at Englender, Sper & Drasnin MDs Inc., located in Milford, Ohio.
The luminance of the viewing box was measured by a Sper Scientific digital light meter, model 840021 (Sper Scientific Ltd, Scottsdale, Arizona).
The 28 papers investigate co-implantation, solid phase epitaxial regrowth (sper) and strained silicon, laser annealing, modeling, and ultra-shallow junction metrology.
'Kid Fitness,' the show's super hero, is played by certified personal trainer and fitness model, Jarred Sper. He is joined by Brenda Butterfly, Annie, the Club Fit kids, and a whimsical mix of costume-clad animal friends on a lush tropical jungle set.