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a.1.Hoped for, or to be hoped for.
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If woman is to guard her sperate identity, which is her right, and strive towards gender apartheid attitudes, she must understand first who she is.
h he will hakes nd but whistle goes sperate to d to ry n "We need go into every game in this league in the right frame of mind otherwise we'll be punished.
Che cosa sperate di trovare a Londra, a Parigi, a Vienna?
72/97 Inbuit 12V/7Ah Battery Containing Sperate Fuses Ac Input And Dc Out Put And 6 Dc Out Rerminal 200Ma Fuse Arrangement For Multi Out Put Connection.
LOS ANGELES (CyHAN)- A young woman and two men were wounded in two sperate shootings in the southern part of Los Angeles, local police authority confirmed on Saturday.
In a sperate statement Friday, it took Australia to task over a deal with Cambodia to relocate refugees from the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru.
DESPERATE DAN: Newcastle's Dan Gosling misses a golden opportunity DE DE DE DESP SPERATE DAN:
Still, at the very least, even the doubting number crunchers accept things are going to be tight with three points predicted to sperate Palace in 15th and Cardiff - and that alone should give great hope that all is not lost.
is thing to do Mel belts out it's t break' nis s an from sperate for Cry Baby by Janis Joplin and gets standing ovation the judges desperate some talent at the Glasgow auditions.
Es sucesivas presentaciones en Calgari, la feria del libro de Macomer (Cerdena) y en San Sperate, la novela fue recibida con sorpresa pues revelo un mundo insolito y fascinante para el lector italiano.
pausa) Comunque, se proprio non potete farne a meno, lasciate un messaggio ma non sperate di essere richiamati .
00pm Will is des riding, but not to bot Meanwhile a horse rid Katie unde and Maisie his first rid matters ta rdale m) sperate to go horse t Natasha warns him ther Katie.