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v. i.1.To search; to pry; to ask; to inquire.
n.1.A sphere.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Regarding financial status, they have Neptune in the spere of money, which makes them ready with plans for any sudden situation.
[??]e emperour of Constantinople saise [??]at he has [??]e spere heued, and bat spere heued hafe I oft sene, bot it is gretter [??]an [??]at of Parisch" (9).
[??]ou opinidest his blissed hert with [??]e scharpe spere, out of [??]e wich com water and bloude in remission of mannys trespas.
In Troi/us and Criseyde, Chaucer's Troilus, liberated by death from earthly concerns, ascends to "the holughnesse of the eighthe spere" (TC, V.1809).
'Lern at myself, for I am meke in hart'-- Owur Lorde to hys seruantys thus he sayth, 'For meknes I sufferyd a spere at my hart; Meknes all vycys anullyth and delayeth; Rest to soulys ye shall fynd in fayth: "Discite a me quia mitis sum et corde humilis, Et invenietis requiem animabus vestris'".
Astfel, cele mai frecvente au fost "nu ar trebui sa se planga", partenerii de viata sa "spere", iar de catre toti participantii "sa faca ce e mai bun".
J., --Treatment of Variation of Composition with Depth in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs, SPERE, 239-244, May, 1991.
Y la doble plega de esperar, para que spere qualquier encuentro que fuere obligado.
(203-07) [And he had no helmet nor hauberk, nor was he armour-plated, nor had he spear or shield with which to smite; but in one hand he held a holly branch, that is most green when the groves are all bare.] 3e may be seker bi pis braunch pat I bere here bat I passe as in pes, and no ply3t seche; For had I founded in fere in fe3tyng wyse, I haue a hauberghe at home and a helme bope, A schelde and a scharp spere, schinande bry3t, Ande oper weppenes to welde, I wene wel, als; Bot for I wolde no were, my wedez ar softer.
Next, a boy enters the story, later explaining that death with his spere (677), a pun for "his peer," or opposite complement, life, smoot his herte atwo, which might be heard as "smoot his art atwo" like a palindrome, which has two halves.
Unii oameni pretuiesc prieteniile si familia suficient incat sa stea in tara lor proprie si sa spere la un potential venit mai mare.