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v. i.1.To search; to pry; to ask; to inquire.
n.1.A sphere.
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Lern at myself, for I am meke in hart'-- Owur Lorde to hys seruantys thus he sayth, 'For meknes I sufferyd a spere at my hart; Meknes all vycys anullyth and delayeth; Rest to soulys ye shall fynd in fayth: "Discite a me quia mitis sum et corde humilis, Et invenietis requiem animabus vestris'".
Treatment of Variation of Composition with Depth in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs, SPERE, 239-244, May, 1991.
Y la doble plega de esperar, para que spere qualquier encuentro que fuere obligado.
3e may be seker bi pis braunch pat I bere here bat I passe as in pes, and no ply3t seche; For had I founded in fere in fe3tyng wyse, I haue a hauberghe at home and a helme bope, A schelde and a scharp spere, schinande bry3t, Ande oper weppenes to welde, I wene wel, als; Bot for I wolde no were, my wedez ar softer.
Next, a boy enters the story, later explaining that death with his spere (677), a pun for "his peer," or opposite complement, life, smoot his herte atwo, which might be heard as "smoot his art atwo" like a palindrome, which has two halves.
Lord, the spere so scharpe I-grownde, pat in thyn herte made a wownde.
Unii oameni pretuiesc prieteniile si familia suficient incat sa stea in tara lor proprie si sa spere la un potential venit mai mare.
Quodit, nem etra, quit, us cum interce potiquo vilis estium tes ius, quius, unis sentimis atiam esimporunum ercerra retorum etodis moverce psedem temus ducienam intiam dem re popoptique que adees confecr ibunulestiam potis auci spere comniu intraeliam iam.
he was nayled to the croys with scharpe nayles thurghe honden and feet, and ystonge to the herte withe a scharpe spere, that alle thyne fyve wyttes scholde be yreuled after him;' Prompted by these thoughts, the believer should put aside laziness, serve God with all busyness, and pray more "mekelyche" that God forgive his sins (107).
Ne what jeweles men in the fyre caste, Whan that the fyr was greet and brente faste; Ne how somme caste hir sheeld, and sommme hir spere, And of hire vestimentz, whiche that they were, And coppes fulle of wyn, and milk, and blood, Into the fyr, that brente as it were wood.
Opposing Harrison is state prosecutor, Brian Spere, who lives his own troubled home life.