Spergula arvensis

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Noun1.Spergula arvensis - small European weed with whorled leaves and white flowers
genus Spergula, Spergula - small genus of Old World annual herbs: corn spurry
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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Cynodon dactylon, Cenchrus setigerus, Trianthema partulacastrum, Anagalis arvensis, Trianthema pentandra, Fumaria indica, Centaurea iberica, Carthamus oxyacantha, Asphodelus tenuifolius, Datura fastuosa, Vicia sativa, Spergula arvensis, Cirsium arvensis, Medicago polymorpha, Trigonella monantha, Tribulus terrestris, Phalaris minor, Avena fatua.
Bryn Griffiths said corn spurrey - spergula arvensis - and field woundwort - stachys arvensis - were seen in the majority of the fields as in the 2005 survey, while a few other notable species were also seen at some sites.