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Noun1.Spergularia - chiefly maritime Eurasian herbs: sand spurry; sea spurry
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
carnation family, Caryophyllaceae, family Caryophyllaceae, pink family - large family of herbs or subshrubs (usually with stems swollen at the nodes)
sand spurry, sea spurry, Spergularia rubra - prostrate weedy herb with tiny pink flowers; widespread throughout Europe and Asia on sand dunes and heath and coastal cliffs; naturalized in eastern North America
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Inhibition of endogenous glucose production accounts for hypoglycemic effect of Spergularia purpurea in streptozotocin mice.
The structure of Trifolio scabri-Catapodietum balearici is given mainly by Catapodium balearicum and several species belonging to the Saginetea maritimae class (Brullo & Giusso, 2003), as Spergularia bocconi, Plantago coronopus, Parapholis incurva, Sagina maritima, Trifolium scabrum, Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum, Polycarpon tetraphyllum subsp.
stickwort, startwort Spergularia bocconi (Scheele) Graebn.
These results can also be best supported by the findings of Yasemin and Kutbay (2008) that different levels of salinity stress temperature and their interactions significantly reduced germination percentage and germination rate of spergularia marina plants whereas seeds pretreated with 40 mM and 60 mM of salicylic acid and L-ascorbic acid alleviated the adverse effects of these stress factors and showed increase for all these attributes.
Salt Angianthus, Coast Barb-grass * Parapholis incurva, Water-buttons * Cotula coronopifolia, Beaded Glass-wort and a Sand-spurrey Spergularia sp.
Fitoextraccion de metales pesados, tratamiento de aguas residuales y de escorrentia Solanum nigrum Cultivos de celulas pilosas detoxifican PCBs (Bifenilos policlorados) Spartina Elimina sal alternifolia Spergularia Elimina sal del suelo Stipagrostis Remediacion de hidrocarburos del petroleo plumosa Tamarisk Elimina sodio y arsenico Typha spp.
The seed dimorphism of Spergularia marina in relation to dispersal by wind and water.
Hoffmannseggia miranda, Palaua weberbaueri y Spergularia congestifolia.
Los metabolitos secundarios de las plantas tambien han demostrado tener efecto antihipertensivo; los polifenoles del te verde y te negro atenuaron el incremento de la presion arterial sanguinea en ratas espontaneamente hipertensas (16); el flavonoide quercetina indujo una reduccion significativa de la presion arterial y la frecuencia cardiaca en ratas espontaneamente hipertensas (17); por este mismo modelo experimental, los flavonoides obtenidos de Spergularia purpurea tambien exhibieron acciones antihipertensivas (18).
C4 p II I I IV III 0 Cirsium vulgare C3 a II I II IV II 0 Melilotus alba C3 a IV I IV IV III 0 Phyla canescens C3 p III III II I II II Chloris ciliata C4 p II II I IV I I Spergularia villosa C3 p II II II IV II II Teucrium cubense C3 p I II I I 0 I Deyeuxia viridi-flavescens C3 p II II I II 0 0 Verbena litoralis C3 p II 0 I 0 I I Hordeum stenostachis C3 p II 0 II III II II Chloris gayana C4 p I 0 I II I 0 Aster squamatus C3 p I 0 0 0 I 0 Setaria geniculata C4 p I 0 I 0 0 0 Apium leptophyllum C3 a I 0 0 I 0 0 Juncus sp.
seleriana (Campanulaceae); Spergularia mexicana (Caryophyllaceae); Tillaea aquatica (Crassulaceae); Fuertesimalva jacens (Malvaceae); Eriogonum wrightii ssp.
The company's product portfolio includes ginseng, rhodiola, rosemary, guarana, yerba mate, Fraxinus excelsior and Spergularia purpurea.