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 (spər-măt′ə-fôr′, spûr′mə-tə-)
A capsule or compact mass of spermatozoa that is transferred from the male to the female during mating in many invertebrates and certain salamanders.

sper′ma·toph′o·ral (spûr′mə-tŏf′ər-əl) adj.


(Zoology) a capsule of spermatozoa extruded by some molluscs, crustaceans, annelids, and amphibians
spermatophoral adj


(spɜrˈmæt əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

a capsule surrounding a mass of spermatozoa, produced by the male of various animal species and transferred to the female.
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It's attached to his sperm packet, so while she's being inseminated, she can reach back and grab this mating gift and eat it.
In other cases, the male picks up his sperm packet and delivers it directly to the female.
Males don't insert their own body parts but rely on a stick-on sperm packet covered with a tasty dollop of protein.
During copulation, the male inserts one end of the sperm packet into the female.