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1. self-propelled
2. shore patrol
3. single pole
4. specialist
5. submarine patrol


abbreviation for
(Law) without issue
[from Latin sine prole]


abbreviation for
1. (Electronics) standard play: the standard recording speed on a VCR
2. (Commerce) starting price
slang Brit latest information


1. Shore Patrol.
2. Socialist Party.


or Sp.,

1. Spain.
2. Spanish.


1. special.
2. species.
3. specific.
4. specimen.
5. spelled.
6. spelling.
7. spirit.


without issue; childless.
[< Latin sine prōle]


N ABBR (Brit) =starting price
1. (Racing) → precio m de salida
2. (= information) what's the SP on him?¿qué sabemos acerca de él?
to give sb the SP on sb/sthdar a algn los datos de algn/algo


abbr of starting price
(Horse Racing) → Starterquote f
(inf: = information) what’s the SP on him?was erzählt man sich so über ihn?; to give somebody the SP on somebody/somethingjdm Infos über jdn/etw geben (inf)
References in classic literature ?
It is a way that some men have, to glance and dart at others, by justifying themselves by negatives; as to say, This I do not; as Tigellinus did towards Burrhus, Se non diversas spes, sed incolumitatem imperatoris simpliciter spectare.
The earliest example of an exploration of the relation between subjective paranormal experiences (SPEs) and the temporal lobes is an uncontrolled study by Nelson (1970), who found that 10 of 12 trance mediums had evidence of temporal lobe instability in their electroencephalographic (EEG) readings.
SPES is a flagship employment program implemented by local government units and the Department of Labor and Employment.
Under these schemes, SPEs are "ring-fenced by appropriate legal structures, operational setup, and controls so that assets and cash flows of SPEs remain separate from those of their sponsors, shareholders, and other related parties," said the BSP.
The rest will be shouldered by the Department of Labor and Employment, which introduced SPES. She said the agency's summer internship program would last for one month.
The GIP and SPES are under Makati City's Public Employment Service Office.
Mayor Abigail Binay said the beneficiaries of Spes and GIP, who come from low-income families, will have the opportunity to work with pay in various offices of the city government and the barangays.
Spes Medica is an Italian company that designs, tests and distributes a wide range of neurodiagnostic tools and accessories.
This study attempts to evaluate six commonly available satellite-based precipitation estimates (SPEs) and three newly available reanalysis precipitation estimates at 0.25-degree spatial grid size and daily temporal resolution with the view of improving the reliability of precipitation estimation of the wet season (June to September) and secondary rainy season (March to May) rainfall datasets over the Upper Blue Nile Basin.
In his new book, Gatholicism and Citizenship, theologian Massimo Faggioli rereads Gaudium et Spes for a new century and a new pontificate.
Sulfonated Polyarylethersulfone (SPES)--that was synthesized on purpose, with different degree of sulfonation (DS)--is illustrated.