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Noun1.Sphacelotheca - genus of smut fungus
smut fungus, smut - any fungus of the order Ustilaginales
family Ustilaginaceae, Ustilaginaceae - a fungus family of loose smuts
head smut, Sphacelotheca reiliana - smut fungus attacking heads of corn or sorghum and causing a covered smut
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Effects of an enviromentally friendly seed coating agent on combating head smut of corn caused by Sphacelotheca reiliana and corn growth.
This species belongs to the genus Sporisorium because it is described from a species of Poaceae and because species of Sphacelotheca infect only dicotyledons (Langdon and Fullerton 1978, Vanky 1987).
Sphacelotheca holci, as it's called scientifically, is a natural fungus that attacks johnsongrass, a perennial weed that plagues many crops.