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Noun1.Spheniscus - type genus of the Spheniscidae: jackass penguinsSpheniscus - type genus of the Spheniscidae: jackass penguins
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Spheniscidae, Spheniscidae - comprising all existing penguins
jackass penguin, Spheniscus demersus - small penguin of South America and southern Africa with a braying call
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2001: Sex differences in cell-mediated immunity in the Magellanic penguin Spheniscus magellanicus.
Hematological and Blood Biochemical Values in Wild and Captive Penguin Humboldt Spheniscus humboldti (Sphenisciformes: Spheniscidae)
En Pisaq (Cusco) se encontraron patas y plumas del condor andino Vultur gryphus a US$ 34,8 y US$ 5,8, respectivamente, y una piel de pinguino de Humboldt Spheniscus humboldti a US$ 2,9.
Key words: extralimital, Humboldt Penguin, Spheniscus humboldti, Washington State
Estado de Conservacion de las Poblaciones de Spheniscus humboldti y Lontra felina en la Costa Peruana.
Their genus name, Spheniscus, means "little wedge" in Greek, and their species name, demersus, means "diving" in Latin.
Cetaceans as predators of jackass penguins Spheniscus demersus: Deductions based on behaviour.
1 The Galapagos penguin, Spheniscus mendiculus, is listed as ' endangered' by the IUCN Red List
1 0,2 1 3,1 Spheniscus humboldti 5 1,0 2 6,3 Nothoprocta perdicaria 11 2,1 2 6,3 Total 518 100% 32 100% Tabla 8.