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Noun1.Sphingidae - hawkmoths
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Lepidoptera, order Lepidoptera - moths and butterflies
hawk moth, hawkmoth, hummingbird moth, sphingid, sphinx moth - any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed
genus Manduca, Manduca - moths whose larvae are tobacco hornworms or tomato hornworms
Acherontia, genus Acherontia - death's-head moth
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Species with # arc Hainan-endemic Species Family Locality Titanotrichum oldhamii Apidae, Hesperiidae Taiwan Paraboea rufescens Apidae, Halictidae Yunnan Chirita gueilinensis Halictidae Guangxi Chirita lutea Crabronidae, Apidae Guangxi Primulina repanda Chalcididae, Halictidae Guangxi \dtguilinensis Primulina glandulosa Chalcididae, Halictidae Guangxi var yangshuoensis Davaoshania cotinifolia Chalcididae, Guangxi Vcspidac, Sphingidae Oreocharis acaulis Apidae Guangdong Oreocharis pumUa Apidae Guangdong Chirita heterotricha # Apidae Hainan Island Metapetrocosmea peltata # Apidae Hainan Island Oreocharis dasyantha Apidae Hainan Island var.
Gut paralysis nubilalis thuringiensis crystalline paraspores Pyralidae Phlegathontius Thuricide Abnormally (International quiescent, Minerals and cessation of feeding G mellonella Spores and No paralysis, crystals Type III most derived from susceptible Thuricide Ephestia Not specified Type II cautella paralysis Sphingidae quinqueaculatus Chemical No paralytic Corp.
na regiao de Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, os autores constataram as familias Saturniidae e Sphingidae como as principais naquela regiao, demonstrando haver diferenca na distribuicao de lepidopteros nas diferentes regioes do estado.
5 i 5 modfedd o hyd ac mae'n perthyn i deulu'r gwalchwyfynod, y Sphingidae.
Sunde, "Larval protein quality of six species of Lepidoptera (Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Noctuidae)," Journal of Economic Entomology, vol.
Los Sphingidae son lepidopteros muy caracteristicos, tanto en estado larval como en estado adulto.
16) a lepidopterist who was actively encouraging entomological research on the island and was engaged in a revision of Madagascan Sphingidae (Lepidoptera).
misippus Danaid Eggfly Phalantaphalantha Common Leopard Neptis hylas Common Sailer Parantica aglea Glassy Tiger Lycaenidae Jamides celeno Common Cerulean Arhopala amantes Large Oak blue Lampides boeticus Pea blue Spindasis vulcanus Common silver line Everes lacturnus Indian Cupid Hesperiidae Borbo cinnara Rice swift Sphingidae Cephonodes hylas Coffee Hawk moth Apidae Apis dorsata Rock honey bee A.
1998 The Moths of Borneo (Part 3): Superfamily Bombycoidea: Families Lasiocampidae, Eupterotidae, Bombycidae, Brahmaeidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae.