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Noun1.Sphyraena - type and sole genus of the Sphyraenidae: barracudaSphyraena - type and sole genus of the Sphyraenidae: barracuda
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Sphyraenidae, Sphyraenidae - monotypic family of large active fishes of tropical and subtropical waters: barracuda
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The concept of targeting pelagic sharks off the coast of California was inspired by the occasional incidental catch of sharks in the nearshore small mesh gillnets that targeted California barracuda, Sphyraena argentea, and white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis (Hanan et al.
Ram feeding involves the predator overtaking its prey by swimming faster than the prey can escape, and is usually associated with fish that have fast jaws and sharp teeth, such as the great barracuda Sphyraena barracuda (Habegger, Motta, Huber, & Deban, 2011).
In April 2010, a dozen people were reported to have been poisoned by eating the great barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda (Walbaum), supposedly caught in the Chuburna region (located 11.
The great barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda, is found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil, but is particularly abundant off South Florida.
2 8 -- - Scaridae Sparisoma cretense 4 15 -- - Sphyraenidae Sphyraena viridensis 1 4 -- - Freshwater fish Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicus 1 4 -- - Cyprinidae Carassius auratus -- -- 7 9.
cyanopterus Pargo guanapo Lutjanus synagris Jul-set Pargo rojo Lutjanus purpureus Mar-set Pargo rubio, Ocyurus chrysurus Uniforme rabi-rubia Peje burro Anisotremus surinamensis Jul-ago Picua Sphyraena barracuda Uniforme Raya Dasyatis spp.
The antioxidative activities of Sphyraena barracuda (seela) and Lepturacanthus savala (ribbon fish) have not been reported yet.
Hallazgo de Bucephalus margaritae Ozaki e Ishibashi, 1934 (Trematoda: Bucephalidae) en ejemplares de Sphyraena picudilla Poey, 1860 (Sphyraenidae) capturados en la Bahia de Mochima, estado Sucre, Venezuela.
Parrotfish B HAN-215 Sphyraena forsteri Bigeye Barracuda B HAN-216 Sphyraena forsteri Bigeye Barracuda B HAN-217 Sphyraena forsteri Bigeye Barracuda B HAN-218 Diodon hystrix Porcupine fish B HAN-301 Globicephala sp.