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or spider web  (spī′dər-wĕb′)
The silky web that a spider spins in order to catch its prey.
pajkova mreža
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I'll break through the spiderweb of lies in which he wants to catch me, come what may.
Here Owens explores a full range of textures in the collaged elements and the paint itself: The monkeys' black fur is soak-stained into the canvas like ink into paper, while a spiderweb in the tree and flower petals among the undergrowth below are composed of impastoed daubs of paint.
Whispers as to the history of the world are offered in this dew-wet spiderweb of a book.
Second annual family-friendly event with community yarn-bomb spiderweb, paint your own pumpkin, inside-out haunted house, arts and craft project, and the art hunt.
The stock is brown in color with black spiderweb epoxy, accents, and it features a straight comb and a relatively thin but comfortable pistol grip.
us cross, the bridge narrower than a spiderweb and sharper than a
Visitors to the exhibition learn more about the comprehensive portfolio of the After Sales services, about components for the economic manufacture of high quality yarns as well as the extended SPIDERweb for the optimal use of the spinning mill.
It's old-school, but totally classic: Start by pulling apart cotton balls and stretching them thin, creating a spooky spiderweb tangle.
Challenging young minds to think outside the box or square, art, nature, math, and creative thinking all converge as a spiderweb becomes a hexagon and the tip of a wooden spoon, covered in chocolate and ready to lick, becomes an oval.
The universe instead resembles a vast spiderweb, made of gas and galaxies.
The extended SPIDERweb Mill Control System was another highlight at the event; this represents the first step towards using the "Internet of Things" for optimizing the spinning mill.
This spiderweb wine glass (PS1 each) is perfect for poisonous potions and these striped plates (PS1 for a pack of 20) will save on the washing up.