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(ˈspaɪ ər)

a person who spies.
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FKF technical director Andreas Spier said the program, which is a continuation of what the federation was doing last year, is targeting about 2000 coaches with the purpose of standardizing the teaching of the game in the country.
President and CEO, John C Spier, said, 'The whole business is built on trust.
This book is, at least in a way, a preparatory study Spier (Advocate-General, Supreme Court of the Netherlands) prepared for a project intended to make laws for crisis situations of which he is project leader.
District Judge Michael Hogan last week entered a judgment in favor of Zachary Spier.
LEADERSHIP: Phil Anson, who founded Phil's Fresh Foods in 2002, partnered with Bear Naked Granola co-founder Brendan Synnott and CFO Thomas Spier to launch EVOL Burritos in early 2009.
An award-winning novel by Rick Spier, O'Sullivan's Odyssey tells of the incredible sojourn by young Donal O'Sullivan and his journey through a life lived in service to his father and the revival of his family name.
SPIER SUMMER ARTS SEASON: Can't wait till June for those summer theatre festivals to roll around again?
When Spier heard the words, "Watch him, he's dangerous," he headed his squad car in that direction.
Also according to SPIER, which was conducted for SPI by Probe Economics, Montana is the fastest-growing state for plastics industry employment, and Indiana has the highest proportion of plastics employment compared to other industries.