spin control

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spin′ control`

Slang. an attempt to give a bias to news coverage, esp. of a political candidate or event.
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Apex 19 also features Callaway's Spin Control VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology, wherein the face thickness is thinner and thicker in strategic areas to promote less spin off the long irons for more distance and more spin off the short irons for increased control.
Only a player in complete control of the golf ball will master the challenge posed by Pebble's small sloping greens where distance and spin control are at a premium, particularly when - not if - it does get breezy.
A report from the National Security Bureau (NSB) confirms that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has exercised spin control through partnered media outlets in Taiwan.
Delivering reliably as promised, building horizontal connections, and treating workers well fosters cohesion, which allows units to respond quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, and weather setbacks with fewer losses; with rapid and unpredictable change, spin control creates spiraling costs without gains.
But a minority of voices are deflecting the spin control efforts and describing the situation as it really is.
The ADCS of a one-unit CubeSat ESTCube-1 is designed to perform high rate spin control for centrifugal tether deployment as part of the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) [25-27] experiment.
Peres may have been trying to carry out "spin control" following a report in Ha'aretz, according to which he intends to tell President Barack Obama that he opposes an Israeli raid on Iran.
doherty Aintree in spin control Only Aintree can spin a Grand National entry of 82 as being more successful than one of 100 plus.
Her campaign staff moved into spin control the next day, explaining that Bachmann knew full well there is no US embassy in Iran today and saying she was speaking theoretically in light of the attack on Britain's embassy.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Theresa Whelan's tidy and professional precis of the American strategic perspective incorporates standard Pentagon palliatives and spin control. The next three chapters are more probing and provocative.
Subtle levels of spin control from soft pitch shots even when the ball is forward in the stance.
The third is optically and electrically detected magnetic resonance effects, where coherent spin control has been obtained in organic electronic devices.