Spindle side

the female side in descent; in the female line; opposed to spear side.

See also: Spindle

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The wheel drive units also are available with optional oil plugs on the spindle side of the hub for easier servicing.
The third test model leading to the final design solved the heavy cutting performance problem by incorporating a flat bed construction at the turning spindle side. In addition, X-axis and Y-axis travels were set to meet demands of customers for sufficient travel--large travels for the Y-axis and for X-axis travel on the lower side of the spindle core.
"On the spindle side" means the mother's side of the family and Chaucer wrote in the prologue to The Wife of Bath circa 1386, "Deceite, weeping, spinning, God hath given to women kindly, while that they may liven".
It can go from 30 degrees above the spindle centerline on the number-one spindle side to 15 degrees over centerline on the number two spindle side.
The rear (machine spindle side) device is a fixed face plate known to be perpendicular to the spindle axis.
With the clamping mechanisms located in the female (spindle) end it is virtually impossible to clean the spindle side of the tool.