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a.1.Furnished with spines; spiny.
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I could easily have spined this monster, but I felt that I must not--so, with regret, I had to let it go.'
Here were the "picturesque costumes!" This was the "gallant spectacle!" Tatterdemalion vagrants--cheap braggadocio--"Arabian mares" spined and necked like the ichthyosaurus in the museum, and humped and cornered like a dromedary!
The trapped insects perish and then become food for the spined stilt bug (Jalysus wickhami) - a small but long-legged insect predator that has a beneficial relationship with tobacco plants.
It also includes four species (Black spined Toad, Canada Goose, Corn Snake, and House Crow) that are considered to have high biosecurity risk.
The increased number of rock lobster stocks is also a key part of the strategy helping to manage the long spined sea urchin (Centrostephanus).
This southern king spined loach lives in very restricted area, including the River Yeongsangang and Tamjingang and smaller valley streams (Nalbant 1993, Kim 1997).
AUC students and alumni presented another innovation to develop the steel industry through "spined steel", which is anovel way to reinforce concrete and give it more flexibility to withstand vibrations, earthquakes and explosions.
Masonry based walls supporting the weight of structures were replaced by steel spined framing.
Today, there are over 350 .different species, from the 18cm spined pygmy shark to the 18-metre whale shark.
The spined soldier bug, Podisus maculiventris, is a generalist predator native to North America (Warren & Willis 1971; De Clercq 2000).
spined, weighed and grouped every shaft; tedious, but fun.