n.1.A small thicket or grove with undergrowth; a clump of trees.
The downs rise steep, crowned with black fir spinnies.
- C. Kingsley.
a.1.Thin and long; slim; slender.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"You have to be fearless to some extent to take on the spinny balls, the sliding balls, the kicking balls, and that's what I will do on Friday."
"We've all been in that situation where we're watching Netfilx and we get that dreaded buffering spinny thing," adds Scott Brown, executive director of UpRamp and CableLabs' VP of ventures and outreach.
Non chemical control of the pink and spinny bollworms in cotton fields at assuit goernorte, upper Egypt, II-utilization of the egg parasiatoid, Trichogrammatoidea bactrae Nagraja.
Hazaras have friends and family across the two areas; however, Spinny Road, part of the only route we can take between the two, is like a death trap.
QUETTA -- Stepping up its efforts against substandard and harmful commodities, the Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) raided two factories on Spinny Road in the provincial capital and sealed them for manufacturing substandard food products.
First raid was conducted in LabourColony Bypass Road whereas the second raid was carried out on Mashallah Sakhi Hotel at Spinny Road.
The third raid was conducted on New Punjab Hotel and Musafir Khana, Spinny Road where the miscreants were using gas unlawfully by using rubber pipe from the main service line.
Vicky Armstrong Heron: "There has also been fish and bits of meat dumped on the spinny field please people if you walk your dog's any where near any of these places please keep them safely on their leads."
QUETTA -- Unknown gunmen shot dead two persons of Hazara community including a woman at Spinny Road area of provincial capital on Sunday.
(Both have became obsessed with small ball bearingfilled spinny things.
There is Spinny promising "200-point, fully inspected used cars", GoZoomo that claims to have "the largest cluster of verified listings", Truebil which is into simplified car trading, Cars24 that assures you can "sell your car in 30 minutes" and CredR that only deals in used bikes.