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n.1.A woman who spins.
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No longer juice, or passive liquid, the jelly represents resistence to the patriarchal structures that brand Almeda a "spinstress" because of her unmarried state.
DJ Pat Pat reflects on 15 years of beats and what's next for this rising lezzie spinstress.
Eliza and Gant meet not long after the death of his first wife, Cynthia, a "gaunt tubercular spinstress," who dies following a sudden hemorrhage (5).
Grindley, partner of Birmingham City Council spinstress Debra Davis, is, according to my spies, down to a couple of spritzers a night.
THE battle with the BBC and Hague's spinstress, the pouting Amanda Platell, continues.
But despite all the accolades and celebrity elbow rubbing, the sexy spinstress remains funny, down to earth and at the top of her game.