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Of, relating to, or being a lyric operatic voice with some attributes of the dramatic voice: a spinto soprano.

[Italian, past participle of spingere, to push, from Vulgar Latin *expingere : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin pangere, to fasten; see impinge.]

spin′to n.


n, pl -tos
(Music, other) a person who sings with lyrical voice
(Music, other) relating to a lyrical singing voice


(ˈspɪn toʊ, ˈspin-)

having a lyric quality with a strong, dramatic element: a spinto soprano voice.
[1940–45; < Italian: literally, excessive, pushed, past participle of spingere to push < Vulgar Latin *expingere]
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Later in the program he sang another gut-buster, "E lucevan e stele" from Puccini's "Tosca," an aria from Puccini's "Manon Lescaut," and an encore from Verdi's "Il Trovatore," where he demonstrated his recent transition from a leggiero tenor to spinto tenor with a sizzling timbre and astonishing high notes (albeit a bit pushed and over-extended) to great audience acclaim.
"That's not unusual for my voice type - I'm somewhere around a spinto tenor," Guillory said of his somewhat heavy, dramatic style.
The results are amazing: the orchestra (the idiomatic Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, mandolins and all, under conductor and arranger Gottfried Rabl) sounding appropriately 'boxy' but never dry, expertly dubbed under the full-throated voice of the greatest spinto tenor in history, Enrico Caruso.