Spiral shell

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any shell in which the whorls form a spiral or helix.

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The leaker didn't explain what the "nautilus design" meant, but he did attach a link to a video showing Samsung's rollable display shown in 2016 "just (https://twitter.com/Samsung_News_/status/1147508709419077635) for illustration purposes ." According to (https://www.google.com/search?q=define+nautilus&oq=define+nautilus&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60j69i59j69i60l2j69i59.2400j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) Google , a nautilus is "a cephalopod mollusk with a light external spiral shell," which implies that the rollable phone could resemble the design seen in the video:
The conversion of sound waves to nerve impulses takes place in the inner ear, also known as the cochlea, which looks like the spiral shell that some snails have.
From the Greek kochlias ("snail with a spiral shell") + myia ("fly") and the Latin hominis ("man") + vorax ("consuming"), Cochliomyia hominivorax, or the New World screwworm fly (formerly Callitroga [Greek kallos, "beautiful," + trogein, "to gnaw"] americana), was first described by French entomologist Charles Coquerel in 1858.
High-resolution sampling of the outer shell layer is achieved by drilling consecutive samples of calcium carbonate along the growth axis of the whorled spiral shell (see Fig.
A stunt woman braves a fire routine | Anglesey speed carver Duncan Kitson fashioned this spiral shell | GORILLA: Ruthin's Griff and Elsi Llywelyn, Ruthin | Bo McGowan exhibited his sustainable Puki Pods at the Rhug Country Fair | Hazelwood flowers from green woodworker Bill Pywell | A carved dragon emerges from a lump of wood
The point is brilliantly made by the juxtaposition of an 1882 study of a spiral relief on the north door of Rouen Cathedral and an undated sketch of a spiral shell. Cavani argues in the catalogue that Ruskin's visual motives 'were not historical', and she has taken this as a licence to mix drawings from very different periods of Ruskin's life, despite their distinctive styles.
The nautilus, a spiral shell with pale, pearly chambers, is one of the finest examples of natural beauty and elegance.
This is inspired by the spiral shell with a pale pearly partition, which includes a series of expanding, concentric arcs.
Other topics include image processing and artificial neural networks for the automated identification of plant species from leaf outlines, a genome-wide association study of biological shape based on elliptic Fourier analysis with a case study in rice gain shape variation, evolution and devolution in the spiral shell growth of gastropods, comparing robust generalized superimposition methods using three-dimensional facial images, and Fourier descriptors in a quantitative analysis of whole body outlines.
An experimental stand of the multichannel spiral-shell cyclone: 1--multichannel cyclone with a spiral shell; 2--double hopper; 3--air (gas) flow inlet; 4--air (gas) flow outlet (Platova, Baltrenas 2013)
Curved timber trusses, made of strips of oak laminated together, create the skeleton of the spiral shell shape, attached to an elliptical concrete frame below.