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Based on brachiopods faunas, such as Orbiculoidea and Spirifer and Rhacopteris flora (Zollner and Amos, 1955, 1973; Freytes, 1969), this formation has been attributed to the late Carboniferous period (Herrero Ducloux, 1946; Amos, 1972).
The two ball chert zones in the middle Fredonia occur in a lithographic to finely crystalline limestone interval; white to gray color and includes spirifer brachiopods, horn corals, and the rugose coral (Lithostrotion harmodites).
He had several new finds that Spirifer, the Polish group with which Jeff had traveled to Madagascar and Morocco, had brought over to show him.
A number of the Athyris specimens were compressed dorso-ventrally, the Spirifer specimens were fragmentary, and the rynchonellids were compressed and appeared to be rolled into a ball.
106): Spirifer tscheffkini Verneuil (1845), Porambonites dentatus Pander (1830), Porambonites costatus Pander (1830), and Spirifer terebratuliformis M'Coy (1846).
1845 Spirifer biforatus (Schlotheim, 1820); Verneuil, p.
Since 1999 the Spirifer Geological Society of Poland has been carrying on a geological research project in Madagascar.
As late as our special issue on Bou Azzer (September-October 2007), dyscrasite had not been known to occur there; however, earlier this year, members of the Spirifer group of Warsaw, Poland brought back a few specimens of the silver antimonide which had just been found in the Bouismas mine, in the district's center (see my August 3 online report).
He showed me also some miniature-size, pale orange helvite crystals on quartz found for the first time at Madan, Bulgaria by the Spirifer group.
This time he had the Spirifer collection for photographing, and the collection's owner granted me permission to see these newly mined Polish minerals.
Back in the Paleozoic they dominated the seascape, coming in a dizzying array of forms, from winglike spirifers (called butterfly stones) to scallop-shaped orthids.
GN1364 Sulpuret of copper GN1127 Digdeguash Sulphate of barytes GN1072 Chance Harbour Serpentine GN 1093 Musquash Spirifers and other Near Ocnabog Lake shells GN1400 Black oxide of Quaco manganese GN1007 Part of a large Grindstone Island fossil tree GN1551 Bitumea GN Westmorland Coal GN 722?