Spiritual father

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A religious teacher or guide, esp. one instrumental in leading a soul to God.
(R. C. Ch.) A priest who hears confession in the sacrament of penance.

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And the Church ought to represent the feeling of the community, so that every parish should be a family knit together by Christian brotherhood under a spiritual father. But the ideas of discipline and Christian fraternity are entirely relaxed,--they can hardly be said to exist in the public mind; they hardly survive except in the partial, contradictory form they have taken in the narrow communities of schismatics; and if I were not supported by the firm faith that the Church must ultimately recover the full force of that constitution which is alone fitted to human needs, I should often lose heart at observing the want of fellowship and sense of mutual responsibility among my own flock.
The numbers who hastened to execute this duty, considering that an interesting division of spoil was about to take place, showed how much the troop had at heart the safety of their spiritual father.
These were searched and sought out through the whole nation, by the prince and his wisest counsellors, among such of the priesthood as were most deservedly distinguished by the sanctity of their lives, and the depth of their erudition; who were indeed the spiritual fathers of the clergy and the people.
The kind uncles and aunts of the race are more esteemed than its true spiritual fathers and mothers.
The leader of the disbanded rebels INPFL and founder of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) political party describes Prophet TB Joshua as his spiritual father, who he looks up to for spiritual advice and wise counseling.
The OP Master likewise is spiritual father of the Dominican family of active sisters, contemplative nuns, clerical fraternities, and laity numbering in the thousands.
In this process of human being's education the parents have the fundamental part, but they have to be helped by the spiritual father and the teachers.
Hopekid says his spiritual father helped him handle the entire issue.
Blessed with a spiritual father for a quarter century
Yanikyan was not just a murderer, he was a convinced murderer and was considered the spiritual father of the terrorist and frankly fascist organization ASALA.
Mr Ranto said after the book launch that he was proud to say that Rasool Bux Palijo was his spiritual father who taught him politics, organisational skills and writing columns and instilled in him true love for the motherland.

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