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Their scenes are beautifully directed by Lisa Spirling.
Previously, mixture models (of which LPA is one application) have been used to analyse legislative voting decisions for members of both the United Kingdom's House of Commons and United States' House of Representatives to uncover voting blocs of politicians (Hartigan, 2000; Spirling & Quinn, 2010).
(171) See Andrew Eggers & Arthur Spirling, Legal Ambiguity and Judicial Bias: Evidence from Electoral Corruption Trials in 19th-Century Britain 2-3 (July 1, 2012) (unpublished manuscript), available at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2099025 (arguing that increasing legal clarity reduces bias in judicial decisionmaking).
(215) See Eggers & Spirling, supra note 171, at 2-3 (discussing the relationship between ambiguity in legal rules and the impartiality of judges' decisions).
(Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2011); and I McLean, A Spirling & M Russell, "None of the Above: The UK House of Commons Votes on Reforming the House of Lords," (2003) 74:3 The Political Quarterly 298 at 308.
Michael Peress & Arthur Spirling, Scaling the Critics: Uncovering the Latent Dimensions of Movie Criticism with an Item Response Approach, 105 J.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank David Gergen, Arthur Spirling, and the editors for extensive and very helpful feedback.
ARTHUR SPIRLING At the time of this writing in late 2012, the United States risks falling off a "fiscal cliff." Absent a bipartisan agreement between a Democratic president and a Republican House of Representatives, taxes will rise and public spending will be cut automatically in a bid to decrease a large budget deficit, regardless of the (seemingly baleful) consequences.
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Fortunately, they found a fellow-drinker called Spirling who agreed to set them down, in return for which Turpin paid him a quart of wine.
I'll give you one example involving the spirling costs of employee benefits.