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v. t.1.To spirt in a scattering manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Another, Spirtle, was recognised in Irish waters due to scarring across its back.
SIR, - If dolphins Mischief, Spirtle and their merry mates have been noticed going Awol for the first time from the sea in and around the Moray Firth, isn't it just possible that the ramming of multiple wind-turbine bases into the seabed with 200-300 tonne pile-drivers has encouraged them to leave?
The bottlenose, named Spirtle, from Scotland was not expected to survive after being rescued in 2016.
Spirtle was filmed by Joanne O'Brien last week swimming near the Tralee coast and Brandon Bay in North Kerry.
And another, Spirtle, was easily recognised in Irish waters due to the severe scarring all across its back, which it suffered when it became stranded and severely sunburned.
Spirtle, Mischief, and the other dolphins seen in the Netherlands and Ireland were all recorded around the Moray Firth area this March.
"These sightings have only come to light because two of these dolphins, Mischief and Spirtle, have unique and unusual markings that we were able to confidently match to our catalogue.