n.1.(Zool.) A California market fish (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus) belonging to the Carp family.
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They're better for targeting particular spots, like a boat dock, stump, or fallen tree, while the split-tail baits fish best over expansive areas, gliding along and luring bass out of cover.
In 2015 he killed 'em with a white spinnerbait with a split-tail trailer.
Moore gained the upper hand and $210,000 cash with a prototype split-tail grub that he was flipping while sight-fishing in protected pockets outside Indian Creek.
A traditional split-tail spinnerbait trailer adds subtle action to the presentation but little lift as the tail tickles up and down in the vortex created by the blades.
Split-tail and single-tail lures hit well on the drop, but single tails "swim" more convincingly and therefore do better on the retrieval.
I opt for split-tail plastics versus paddletails or twisting tails after a front, using the lightest jig I can get away with.
Kingfish: As an alternative to live baits, skillful riggers create incredibly realistic swimming motions by slow trolling split-tail mullet.
I rigged a 3-inch split-tail worm Texas-style without the weight.
The stretch between Sloan's Curve and the Lake Worth Pier produces well whether you drag ballyhoo or bonito strips or a split-tail mullet.
I like to add an Uncle Josh Black Widow Eel or Split-Tail Eel for a bit more action," Richardson says.
We also switched from casting crankbaits to 4-inch Bass Assassin split-tail shad plastics, rigged with 1/8-ounce jigheads.
However, when fish are feeding on tiny prey such as glass minnows or are simply in the mood for a subtle presentation, a split-tail grub is extremely effective.