Spodoptera exigua

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Noun1.Spodoptera exigua - moth larva that eats foliage of beets and other vegetablesSpodoptera exigua - moth larva that eats foliage of beets and other vegetables
genus Spodoptera, Spodoptera - moths whose larvae are armyworms
caterpillar - a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth
2.Spodoptera exigua - moth whose larvae are beet armyworms
noctuid, noctuid moth, owlet moth - usually dull-colored medium-sized nocturnal moth; the usually smooth-bodied larvae are destructive agricultural pests
genus Spodoptera, Spodoptera - moths whose larvae are armyworms
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Atransformed bacterium expressing double-stranded RNA specific to integrin beta 1 enhances Bt toxin efficacy against a polyphagous insect pest, Spodoptera exigua.
xylostella, Spodoptera exigua, Chilo supperssalis and Cnaphalocrosis medinalis, although the concentrations of insecticides may vary on different crops (Han et al.
Propiedades entomotoxicas de los extractos vegetales de Azadirachta indica, Piper auritum y Poliveria alliacea para el control de Spodoptera exigua H.
Gene knockout demonstrates that vip3A contributes to the pathogenesis of Bacillus thuringiensis toward Agrotis ipsilon and Spodoptera exigua.
31] assessed the toxicity of chlorpyrifos along with cypermethrin, lufenuron, and emamectin benzoate on 2nd instar larvae of Spodoptera exigua field population after 72-h exposure, they found that chlorpyrifos was the least toxic pesticide ([LC.
The authors found that methoxyfenozide significantly reduced adult male longevity of beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua compared with females by 1.
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2008), mientras que en Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) mide tan solo 5 mm (Amaldoss & Hsue 1989) y en S.
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