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(Agriculture) a type of ashy soil


(ˈspɒd əˌsɔl, -ˌsɒl)

an acidic forest soil of low fertility, common to the cool, humid areas of North America and Eurasia.
[1955–60; < Greek spodó(s) wood ash + -sol]
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Upland soils in the region are sandy and largely glacial in origin and consist largely of entisols and spodosols (NRCS, 2015).
Forms and profile distribution of soil phosphorus in alpine Inceptisols and Spodosols (Pyrenees, France).
Soil type has been related to buttressing in Malaysia where buttressing has been found to be more common and more massive on loams and clayey soils than on sandy spodosols (Richard 1936).
Comparing fumigant retention of polyethylene mulches for nutsedge control in Florida spodosols.
Lo anterior conduce a considerar la recuperacion de la Bav de los bosques de este estudio como similar al de otros bosques del tropico americano cuando la sucesion se produce sobre suelos quimicamente pobres o sujetos a erosion, aunque no extremadamente pobres como los Ultisols (Saldarriaga 1994) y Spodosols amazonicos (Jordan 1989, Johnson et al.
Influence of oxalate loading on phosphorus and aluminum solubility in spodosols.
Now, for Oxisols and Ultisols of the humid tropical and subtropical climates and Andisols, Spodosols, and part of the Inceptsols soil orders (SOIL SURVEY STAFF, 1994) with predominant pH dependent charge associated with the presence of kaolinite and amorphous and crystalline iron and aluminum oxides, subsurface soil horizons have usually small content of SOM and are usually more acid, favoring the predominance of anion exchange capacity (AEC) that will retain the N-N[O.
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