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A model employed to promote a commercial product or service, as through advertisements or public appearances.
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LG Electronics already sponsored the South Korean men's national ice hockey team by hiring them as spokesmodels for its wireless vacuum cleaner Cordzero A9.
This isn't about quickly throwing together videos with flying cash, fake spokesmodels and generic deep-voice-guy narration.
Aubert is also one of the four original Fantanas, a female group of spokesmodels appearing in TV commercials for the soft drink Fanta.
The pair join a list of CoverGirl spokesmodels that over the years has included such names as Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs and Rachel Hunter.
NEW YORK--The most recent selection by leading beauty suppliers and retailers of celebrity spokesmodels to represent their brands indicates the power that women of color now wield with all American women when it comes to selling cosmetics and hair care products.
Is it wrong to hope that spokesmodels spread beyond the, erm, cosmetic world of cosmetics?
The 33-year-old beauty, who joined rocker Gwen Stefani as the latest spokesmodels for the cosmetics giant, said that it is important for her to represent a brand that reflects her personality.
customers and makeup artists as well as our outspoken and outrageous spokesmodels for their incredible support of the Viva Glam campaign," said Nancy Mahon, global executive director of the M.A.C.
All of them feature in the new campaign except Aishwarya, who was roped in by the company in 2005 as one of its global spokesmodels.
But it s musical artists who have proved to be the most effective spokesmodels, Renker says.
They're two of music's most outspoken ladies, and now Lady Gaga and her '80s incarnation Cyndi Lauper are putting those impressive vocal ranges to good use as the spokesmodels for M.A.C's latest Viva Glam campaign.