Sporadic cholera

a disease somewhat resembling the Asiatic cholera, but originating where it occurs, and rarely becoming epidemic.

See also: Cholera

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The third possible route is represented by sporadic cholera cases in PSC-2 caused by the flood-associated isolates in areas not affected by the floodwaters but by travel of infected persons.
The overwhelming majority of clinical cases have been found to be due to infection by organisms belonging to serogroup O1 or, more recently, also serogroup O139, although other serogroups may cause sporadic cholera outbreaks.
Poor water supplies cause sporadic cholera outbreaks in Bujumbura; USAID works with Coca-Cola and the Water Development Alliance to preserve the clean water in Lake Tanganyika, among other projects.
This case was probably an episode of sporadic cholera from indigenous V cholerae O1, such as US Gulf Coast and Australian clones, which are mainly associated with environmental sources.