Sporadic disease

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(Med.) a disease which occurs in single and scattered cases. See the Note under Endemic, a.

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The annual risk among close contacts was 151 times greater than the risk for sporadic disease and comparable to that estimated for meningococcal disease.
Comparative analysis of spinal hemangioblastomas in sporadic disease and Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome.
Dr Anthony says that while Hendra is a sporadic disease, the risk is very real for vets.
Actinomycotic osteomyelitis and periostitis of mandible or maxilla also known as lumpy jaw or big head is a sporadic disease caused by Gram positive branching filamentous microorganism, Actinomyces bovis (Militerno, 2008) and most commonly affect bovine, occasionally in equine, porcine and rarely in caprine (Seifi et al.
After the initial euphoria when the first genes associated with Alzheimer's disease and PD were identified, a major issue has been the extrapolation of these findings to the much more common situation of sporadic disease in individuals who lack a clear-cut family history.
While non-O1, non-O139 strains have caused sporadic disease globally, the virulence mechanisms are not fully understood, since most of these strains lack TCP and CT," said the researchers from Harvard Medical School and the International Center for Diarrhoeal Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
At that time, the WHO alert level for H5N1 was 3, indicating sporadic disease in humans but no evidence of human-human transmission strong enough to generate a community outbreak.
Compared with women with sporadic disease, the BRCAl carriers tended to be younger and have higher-grade disease with negative receptors, Dr.