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n.1.One who sports; a sportsman.
As this gentleman and I have been old fellow sporters, I have a friendship for him.
- Goldsmith.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In addition it has been well used and the stock was replaced years ago with a commercial sporter stock.
Building A Custom Sporter On A Budget by Paul Mazan in your April 2013 issue was a spot on report.
The Sporter AK47C is capable of 1- to 2-inch groupings at 100 yards, and features a match-grade barrel, Mil-Spec receiver, CNC machined scope mount rail and 30-round magazine.
Tubular receivers appeared as well on the Savage model 40 Sporter and 45 Super-Sporter that succeeded the Model 20.
Q: When I was a teenager, a family friend had a 1936 8mm Oberndorf sporter rifle.
Q My brother had a buddy barrel up and chamber a 98 Mauser sporter in 30-'06 for him.
An article in one of the major gun magazines about assembling an inexpensive custom sporter caught my eye recently.
1 Medium Sporter is now chambered in .300 Holland & Holland Magnum (available from Hornady with a 180-gr.
Old favorites like the Featherweight Deluxe, Sporter Deluxe and Super Grade will return, but the new Extreme Weather SS is the only new model in the line.
Higgins" Model 50, a terrific no-frills sporter, built on an M98-pattern Belgian FN action with a 22" chrome-lined barrel by High Standard.
I would have preferred smaller print on a foreign-designed military arm, but the Sporter is nicely finished in dark Parkerizing rather than poor bluing or paint as is found on many economy grade AK rifles.