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n.1.One who sports; a sportsman.
As this gentleman and I have been old fellow sporters, I have a friendship for him.
- Goldsmith.
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The Challenger is the preferred sporter class air rifle for competitive marksmanship programs throughout the country, including the Marine Corps JROTC, Army JROTC, Air Force JROTC, Navy JROTC, American Legion and 4-H.
It could be some sort of BRNO factory sporting rifle, but based upon what I can see, I'd say it's more than likely a sporter possibly using a Czech-made K98k Mauser action.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Iron Floding Cot-(i)38x38x5 MMIS 2062/2006 Iron will be frames of merit value (ii) Two sporter in the breadth of this frame 25x25x3 MMMS Will be plated, steel bed with paint, Ply board IS-303/710 BWP/BWR Grade, Angle frame, folding bed etc.
While the top of the line "working" gun is the Model 1873 Sporter with an octagon barrel and a case-hardened receiver, there are four other models plus a special 150th Commemorative gun.
I was thinking of using it on another old Mauser sporter I have which has a pretty ratty bore.
VII has a 26-inch, spiral-fluted, heavy sporter barrel, and the LAW has a 24-inch, light sporter tube with straight flutes and a muzzle brake.
Keep this in mind if you are in the market for a European scope-mounted sporter.
In the past, Anschutz offered its Hunting and Sporter rifles exclusively through Steyr Arms Inc.
Ranged against shooters from 20 other countries, the Filipinos placed second in the Rimfire Heavy Varmint 25 meters and Rimfire International Sporter 50 meters.
The wish to find favour in their coach's eyes, pleasing the audience, emulating to some sporters that show risky behaviors, excessive motivation, feeling an anger towards the opponent or not being able to accept the defeat, are the other reasons that cause the sporter to take a risk.
Anschutz still rules in rimfire competition, but it has broadened its stance with a bolt-action centerfire hunting sporter.