n.1.A gift; a present; a prize; hence, an alms; a largess.
To feed luxuriously, to frequent sports and theaters, to run for the sportula.
- South.
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He is also the author of Teoria de la Literatura de Ciencia Ficcion (Sportula, 2014) and the editor of Prospectivas: Antologia del cuento de ciencia ficcion espanola actual (Salto de Pagina, 2012).
These come in the vignette (95-126) of the sportula (the daily handout distributed by a wealthy patron to his entourage of hangerson, or, in Roman terms, clients), which begins at the middle of the poem proper--about halfway between lines 22 and 171--and functions as its central episode.
nunc sportula primo limine parva sedet turbae rapienda togatae; ille tamen faciem prius inspicit et trepidat ne suppositus venias ac falso nomine poscas: agnitus accipies.
In the sportula scene, he presents himself as having lost the right to utter.
For example, the speaker says he could fill spacious wax tablets at the crossroads (medio ceras implere capaces/quadrivio, 63-64) as targets for his satire pass by, and the sportula scene in 95-126 depicts a jostling togaclad mob (turbae togatae, 96) scrambling for the daily handout, followed by a dense crowd of litters (densissima lectica, 120-21).
Another is his invitation to `Juvenal' to `see' a wholly imaginary street scene, the sportula picnic, at line 249 (nonne vides, quanto celebretur sportula fumo/ ...).
sporta, sporte: corbaille, et idem sportula : corbillon, unde dicitur beatus Paulus per murum in sporta demissus est 85.