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n. pl.1.The dung of an otter.
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A total of 178 otter spraints and 158 mink scats were collected and analysed between May and October 2007.
Evaluation of methods used for diet analysis of the Neotropical otter Lontra longicaudis (Carnivora, Mustelidae) based on spraints.
Therefore, we assumed that the spraints collected were representative of the months when electrofishing samples were taken.
Water mammals have also suffered greatly, with water vole holes and otter spraints (making recording difficult) being washed away in the heavy floods.
The survey's results were based on evidence of the species' distinctive jasmine tea-scented droppings known as spraints, and their five toe footprints.
We search for the fresh-water pools they use for bathing and for spraints (that's otter poo).
Eight spraints were observed on a piece of land almost 700 m inward from the embankment towards the inside of main reservoir (26o 09' 295" N, 68o 59' 859" E).
Otters have left enough prints and spraints in recent months for them to be tracked along this route).
Out in the field all he sees are the spraints (droppings) and tracks in the mud.
The DNA is contained in their droppings, or spraints, and teams working on the project collect fresh samples and send them off for analysis.