Spring pin

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(Locomotive Engines) an iron rod fitted between the springs and the axle boxes, to sustain and regulate the pressure on the axles.
- Nares.

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Another thing that could knock your gun out of commission is not doing pre-load gun inspections to make sure the spring pin is installed in the extractor body.
The Series 880 coiled spring pin is designed specifically for circuit board card locks and ejector clips.
CPSC and LaJobi received 33 reports of the drop side detachment due to spring pin failure.
It sold Bissel, its spring pin manufacturing operation in Halesowen in January while it was currently considering offers for its Copel Castings factory in Handsworth.
Each overlaps the adjacent door by 2 inches, pivoting on spring pin pivot hinges set into the curved plywood base and header.
The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 31 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 125,000 insertions.
Once the hammer has been removed from the frame, you can now remove the rebound lever spring (32) by drifting the rebound lever spring pin (33) out of the frame from left to right.
Simultaneously it can insert the standard 20mm Lockdowel Eclips fastener, as well as the new 5mm Eclips fastener and 5mm spring pin. See this first-hand and in action at VTM booth 7426 at the AWFS Las Vegas Fair July 19-22.
Remove the spring pin or cotter pin, whichever is installed in the bolt holding the ring on the recovery lug.
From the inside of the receiver, insert a 3/32 diameter or slightly smaller pin punch and gently tap the spring pin out.