Spring rye

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a kind of rye sown in the spring; - in distinction from winter rye, sown in autumn.

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The study of Galek (2000), who evaluated the stability of resistance to powdery mildew and leaf rust in spring rye, confirmed similarity of the two measures.
2000) found fairly strong correlation between Wi and bi, if the resistance of spring rye to powdery mildew was evaluated, but for the other five evaluated traits this relationship was considerably weaker.
Completely different ranking of 20 spring rye lines in respect of stability of resistance was found when ranked by CV or bi.
The sanctuary was adorned with two large arrangements of red roses, yellow calla lilies, white alstroemeria lilies, and bells of Ireland placed upon columns, which were twined with ivy and spring rye fern.
The economic benefits and costs of fallow cover crop systems were evaluated using fall and spring rye (Secale cereale L.
Fall and spring rye cover crops were evaluated for their application in cereal production systems, while sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis (L.
The first was fall and spring rye cover crops, rye being chosen because of the effect its residue has on suppressing weed germination.
Fall rye (FR) was seeded in September of 1992 and 1994, spring rye (SR) in May of 1993 and 1995 at 95 kg [ha.
Centric translocations of chromosome 2R from spring rye cultivar Blanco to chromosome 2B of wheat were produced in the wheat cultivar Chinese Spring by centric breakage-fusion (Lukaszewski, 1993; Brunell et al.
2] population from this cross were pollinated with `Gazelle' spring rye, and the four crossability classes segregated as would be expected for a trait controlled by two genes.