Spring steel

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1.A variety of steel, elastic, strong, and tough, rolled for springs, etc.
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The company offers ferro manganese, ferro chrome, and silicon manganese products; mild carbon, spring steel, stainless steel, and alloys steel billets; and long rolled product.
Stephens Gaskets has created a new range of high carbon spring steel shim washers (http://www.
A heavy-duty black-powder-coated spring steel clip keeps the holster secured to a belt or waistband.
Dual lanyard/ keychain attachment points and a spring steel pocket clip offer a multitude of carry options.
e -rm's spring steel barriers - designed and manufactured in Coventry and Sheeld - are capable of deecting a truck, as exhaustive tests at MIRA'sR A'sR Nuneaton facility have proved.
or Spring Steel, Nickel-plated, snap-on connectors (performance).
The SmartHolder is made from rugged spring steel wire that expands easily for loading and unloading the canister.
Due to flat pieces of spring steel that push the curtains against the outsides and top of the trailer (while allowing full access to the height and width), the shelter accommodates trailers as large as 8.
Supply of (a) 835 tons different size spring steel, also (b) 46 tons round steel of 11.
5 DR bend); 4D-2BR (will traverse 3 DR or larger bends); and 4D-2BR PitBoss[TM] (will traverse 3 DR or larger bends and is very effective at removal of black powder and cleaning deposits from internal pits); 3) heavy-duty, rugged steel body; 4) nonmetallic bumpers protect bolts and prevent metal-to-metal contact; 5) spring steel wire brushes and polyurethane scraper discs provide 100% circumferential cleaning; and 6) removable bypass plugs that provide jetting action for optimal cleaning effectiveness.
These rating weaknesses are partially offset by the benefits that the Magnum group derives from its promoter's extensive experience in the spring steel industry as well as its backward integration initiatives, which partially offsets the risks related to shortage of raw material.