Spring wheat

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any kind of wheat sown in the spring; - in distinction from winter wheat, which is sown in autumn.

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Soil properties were measured twice during the study: once after sowing spring wheat and once after sowing winter wheat.
The researchers first formulated whole wheat flour with a common refined flour from hard red spring wheat. This was blended at a 15% replacement level with bran milled from representative samples of one hard red and two hard white wheats.
Trt * Preplant N rate, "Topdress N source kg [ha.sup.-1] 1 0 -- 2 220 urea 3 22 urea 4 44 urea 5 67 urea 6 90 urea 7 22 UAN 8 44 UAN 9 67 UAN 10 90 UAN TABLE 3: Preplant N rate, topdress N rate, topdress N source, total N rate applied, and spring wheat grain yield, Conrad and Corvallis, MT, 2011.
grain delivered against HRS wheat contracts: The Minneapolis Grain Exchange will now allow foreign (Canadian) hard red spring wheat to be delivered against its HRS wheat futures contract.
Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev signed the decree to hand over 150 tons of seeds of spring wheat, 200 tons of spring barley and 50 tons of sainfoin to farmers of At Bashi and Naryn rayons affected by heavy snow in September 2010 that killed crops and caused significant financial losses.
MESSAGE: Wolverine provides convenient control of 68 broadleaf and grass weeds in spring wheat and barley at a single rate, leaving tankmixing and rate concerns in the background.
The Associated Press reports that a paltry winter wheat harvest in the nation's breadbasket has driven up the cost of flour for consumers, with more price hikes feared as drought takes a growing toll on the nation's spring wheat crop as well.
Spring wheat competitiveness with wild oat increased as wheat seed size increased.
Winter wheat harvest is more than 8.7 million tons, peas for grain more than 218.4 thousand tons, oats 13 thousand tons, winter rapeseed 53.8 thousand tons, spring wheat 3.4 thousand tons, winter barley 106.9 thousand tons.
July hard red winter wheat ended up 5-1/2 cents at $4.68-1/4 a bushel, while MGEX July spring wheat rose 1-1/2 cents to $5.66-1/4, trailing advances in the other two markets.
Improved weather in the US northern plains and Canadian spring wheat areas is exerting pressure on US spring wheat prices.