Springfield rifle

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Springfield rifle

A magazine-fed breechloading bolt-action .30-caliber rifle used by the US Army especially in World War I.

[After SpringfieldMassachusetts.]

Springfield rifle

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a magazine-fed bolt-action breech-loading .30 calibre rifle formerly used by the US Army
[from Springfield, Massachusetts]

Spring′field ri′fle

a bolt-operated, magazine-fed,.30-caliber rifle used by the U.S. Army esp. in World War I.
[1885–95; after Springfield, Mass.]
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Army had lagged behind when it came to replacing their single-shot, large-caliber, black powder "Trapdoor" Springfield rifles with modern small-bore, smokeless, repeating rifles.
We spent some time in the shooting range, firing Springfield rifles. We had frequent competitions, including disassembly and assembly of carbines.
Military Academy at West Point from parts left over from Civil War Springfield rifles. I was told the barrels were cut down as the rifles were issued to cadets.
As early as 1910, the British War Office had seen the advantages of a one-piece stock as used on the Mauser and Springfield rifles as well as a receiver-mounted aperture rear sight and forward locking lugs.
Wotkyns--both of whom were working with Springfield Armory during the Roaring Twenties--helped finalize the centerfire cartridge's design and chambered it in converted M1922 Springfield rifles, but it was Winchester that first legitimized the cartridge for the commercial market in 1930.
Some of the first weapons obtained were a mixed bag of ex-Union M1866 Springfield rifles, Spencer and.
Back in 1907, the US military adopted a sling to go with its new Springfield rifles. The sling had claw hooks so it could be quickly tightened when the rifle was being stored, or lengthened when being used to carry the rifle.
In World War I, our troops took to the battlefield with only their Springfield rifles. Our warplanes, artillery and tanks were purchased or borrowed from our allies.
In a formal ceremony, 1,300 US troops dressed in uniforms from 1911 and carrying Springfield rifles paraded before President Ernesto Perez Balladares and Southern Command chief Gen.
The loose firearms surrendered were four (4) 5.56mm M16 rifle, eight (8) caliber 30 garand springfield rifles, one (1) 7.62mm M14 rifle, three (3) carbine caliber.
troops firing on a Japanese position in Burma with M1903A4 and M1903A3 Springfield rifles and a Browning M1919A4 machine gun.
This popularity decline was expedited by the fact that Trapdoor Springfield rifles were not as strong as later lever-action designs, and those, in turn, were not as robust as single-shots such as the Winchester 1885.

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